How to stop feeling self-conscious about your body in bed?

Each person is different both psychologically and physiologically. If we can cope with some body flaws (for example, removing excess hair), then other features will stay with us for life. The most common problem that causes shyness in bed is being overweight. Women are also complexed for the following reasons:

  • too small breasts,
  • too big breasts,
  • lack of waist,
  • folds on the abdomen,
  • short legs,
  • much, much more.

That is, the reasons for shyness are different, but the essence is the same: the woman is afraid to seem ugly and unattractive to her partner.  At the same time she somehow forgets that out of hundreds of thousands of other women he chose her and wants to make love to her. This means that he is attracted to her with all her features, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, men are turned on by liberated women who love their bodies and and are not shy about it.

But how do you start to love your body? Many women are trying to get closer to their ideal – lose weight, get fat, increase breasts, etc. They think that by dropping more than 5 pounds, they can be happy. But the pounds may go, but the happiness of his sex life will not add. What’s the problem? Because the woman has not learned to love her body. Again and again she will find faults in it, forgetting that you just need to discard all the stereotypes imposed from the outside and become happy. 

There are several methods to help a woman stop being self-conscious about her body in bed:

1. Change the lighting

It is not necessary to have sex in complete darkness, because everyone knows that a man loves with his eyes. It is important for him to see his partner, it gives him additional pleasure. If bashfulness does not allow you to make love in full light, you can install a night lamp with a red light in the room. Such lighting will smooth out all the imperfections and become another arousing factor. 

2. Choose an outfit

Once again, remember that a man loves with his eyes, so a woman in beautiful sexy lingerie always excites his desire. Lingerie can hide flaws and emphasize the advantages. For example, the corset allows you to highlight the waist and push-up bra will visually increase a small breast. You can choose underwear with special holes and slits that will not allow you to take it off during sex. 

3. Drink

A small amount of alcohol will help both the woman and the man to loosen up and relax. But do not go overboard in this matter. It is better to confine yourself to a couple of glasses of wine or champagne, otherwise instead of a passionate night you may get some trouble.

4. Self-Confidence

Autotraining is a wonderful thing. Standing in front of the mirror every day and repeating to yourself that you are beautiful and charming can achieve amazing results. Self-training really works. In just a few weeks you will believe in your irresistibility and unconsciously begin to behave in such a way that everyone around you will believe it.

So, to summarize. Reasons for shyness in bed can be a huge set. But when you are alone with your partner, it is better to forget all the shame and embarrassment. We must remember that your shortcomings at this time, remember and think only about you. Men at this time the brain is occupied with other things. So you, too, should discard all the complexes and just enjoy the moment, have fun and try to deliver it to your man. Love your body and appreciate it, and then you will be able to feel happy and desirable.

How to stop feeling self-conscious about your body in bed?
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