How being overweight affects your sex life

The stereotypes that exist in modern society are imposed on us in various ways. This is done through glossy magazines, commercials, movies, fashion TV programs, talk shows, etc. One of the stereotypes is the ideal figure. Television hosts have a model-like appearance, all the famous singers and artists look after themselves, not forgetting to advertise the next super effective diet. Media men also brag about their abs, biceps and other pumped up muscles. Being overweight is now considered almost unseemly. Because of such propaganda many guys and girls, men and women, and even teenagers begin to acquire complexes. And for nothing!

Imagine the situation: a guy and a girl liked each other, he asked her out, his sympathy increased, they began to date, but the appearance of the girl was not originally a model. And this is natural. The appearance of stars is their working tool, and they earn money primarily because of how they look. To maintain their figure, they spend several hours a day in gyms and gyms, exhausting themselves with workouts and diets. In normal life, it is difficult to find such a free person who could devote so much time to his figure. Healthy lifestyle is certainly useful, but not everyone adheres to it, and there’s no need to lie. So, back to our couple. They are dating, probably already fell in love with each other. Obviously, at some point, it’s going to come down to sex. And that’s when a lot of girls start to get complex. They meticulously look at themselves in the mirror, noting the extra wrinkles and frustrated that the guy sees all this and his love is over immediately. But the guy initially saw the girl’s figure. He understood that she was far from a model, but that didn’t stop him from liking her, from spending time with her. That meant he already liked her. With all her creases, pimples, cellulite, small (or vice versa, large) breasts, and all the other features that might seem like flaws to some. It turns out that a guy appreciates a girl for completely different qualities. Or maybe he just likes chubby girls, because a warm and cozy feeling comes from them. Anyway, you can hardly imagine that the guy will date, cuddle, kiss and spend time together with a girl he does not like. It’s not like anyone is forcing him to. And if sex happens between them, it will be consensual. A girl can’t force a guy to make love to her if he doesn’t want to. And if he does, that means he’s quite happy with her looks. No wrinkles can prevent people from enjoying each other if they have mutual tender feelings.

There is the opposite situation, when complexes about his appearance have men. This is much less common for the following reasons:

society pays more attention to the beauty of a woman’s body, because since ancient times there has been an opinion that a woman does not have to be smart, she can just be beautiful,
It is believed that fullness does not spoil a man, but makes him look older and more mature,
there are fewer men in our country than women, so they feel their demand in almost any way.

What can we conclude? Being overweight absolutely does not prevent you from being happy and living a full sexual life. Neither men nor women. Do not be ashamed of your partner and hide your folds under the covers. Maybe that’s why he fell in love with you. Loosen up and think during sex only about mutual pleasure. And then you will definitely get it and be able to give it to the person you love.

How being overweight affects your sex life
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